Connect staff, academics, and students through an automated, flexible system that streamlines all business and academic processes.

Creating an intelligent education ecosystem

Unleash AI & ML to directly impact enrollment, student retention, and reputation for colleges and universities.

Increase student engagement & enrollments

View360 lets you connect staff, academics, and students through an automated, flexible system that streamlines all business and academic processes.

  • Create an experience that is compliant with WCAG 2.0 standards, ATAG 2.0 standards, & ADA.
  • Enable students to access your system through a mobile app or web applications.
  • Provide a broad range of choices for online learning.
  • Use technology to track the progress of students and enforce intervention protocols.
  • Enable online class organization faculties.

Build an inclusive portal

Stop juggling disparate resources like emails, canvases, blackboards, moodles, library systems, transcripts, and class enrollments, and bring them into one dashboard.

  • Provide curated content with a learning experience platform (LXP)
  • Integrate online video learning tools.
  • Create an immersive environment with AR/VR
  • Implement intelligent exam portals.
  • Improve results with data and analytics gained from the classroom.

Encourage a positive campus experience

Virtualize your campus maps to show where buildings, bathrooms, parking, dorms, etc., are located while encouraging socially distancing students to participate in campus experiences.

  • Increase your marketing initiatives with stories that exemplify your campus experiences.
  • Provide a simplified tool to your students and visitors to explore the campus with pinned locations
  • Let socially distancing students experience future-focused lectures on AI, ML, etc., through your portal.
  • Use automation to send progress notes and create a synergy between parents and teachers.

Digitally transform learning with automation

Continue the digital advancement of your learning tools from Zoom, Skype, etc., to a more reliable experience that helps you better serve learners.

  • Use machine learning to automate processes that bridge gaps caused by the lack of digital skills.
  • Decrease vacancies in departments like STEM by implementing intuitive UX & CX powered by AI.
  • Break down data silos to reveal insights into challenges faced by learners, employees, & users.
  • Streamline your transformation by automating critical processes and building a strategy.

Increase new programs and donations.

Connect your donors, advisors, and institutions through a specialized charitable foundation website.

  • Use your existing data to develop an in-depth understanding of your donors.
  • Deploy targeted market activities using user personas to increase engagement on your foundation portal.
  • Use engaging graphics and visuals to let your donors interact with the numbers.
  • Guide donors through the donation process using automation.
  • Research your data using ML algorithm to develop new engaging content.

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